UNIFEI promotes lectures on studying in Canada

December 6, 2019

On September 23 and October 1, were ministered two lectures about English studies and academic formation in Canada, both organized by UNIFEI’s International Relations Office (DRI).

The first lecture was given by SungJin Park, a representative from the University of Victoria, about “English as a Second Language” (ESL) program – an intensive study course. Moreover, the lecturer talked about the city, the structure of the campus and the opportunities for the students. Besides the ESL program, the University of Victoria also offers “English as a Medium of Instruction” (EMI) program, mainly aimed at professors.

First lecture, from University of Victoria

The second lecture was given by Torrezão group, from Nova Scotia, about planning and studies in Canada. They talked about the selection process of university and the requisites to join them.

Second lecture, from Torrezão group

In total, 90 students and professors attended the lectures. Currently, UNIFEI has agreements of international cooperation with the University of Victoria, offering a 30% off discount for our students.