Smart Grids Laboratory

Coordinator: Antônio Carlos Zambroni de Souza
Telephone: 55(35) 98859-2776
The laboratory is located at: Block I4 – Offices I.4.1.12 e I.4.1.13
Laboratory area (m²): 100 M²
The lab is classified as: Mixed (Teaching, Research and Extension)
The Lab is part of the following Center: Advanced Power Technologies and Innovations in systems and Smart Grids Group – aPTIs SG²
Provides external services: Yes
Partner Companies / Institutions: INERGE – Instituto Nacional de Energia Elétrica –
TU/e Technische Universiteit Eindhoven –
UBC – The University of Bristish Columbia –



The Study , Teaching, Research and Extension Group in Advanced Power Technologies and Innovations in Intelligent Electric Systems and Networks (aPTIs-SG²) has as its main general objectives:  

To research relevant topics in the context of smart grids, considering principles of integrity, interoperability and sustainability;                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

To develop advanced methodologies and technologies for  analysis, modelling and computational digital simulation that represents the complexity of the phenomena inherent in smart grids;   

 To build professionals who have technical and  human skills, and who are capable of planning, analyzing and operating the power grids of the future.

Smart Grids are a set of multidisciplinary concepts and applications integrating renewable energy sources into distribution and transmission grids and advanced technologies in energy storage, supervision, control, automation, telecommunication, protection, marketing, etc., to optimize the safe and sustainable operation of agents in this complex system.

Focusing on studies, research, teaching and extension in the area of ​​smart grids, the aPTIs SG2 – Advanced Power Technologies and Innovations in Systems and Smart Grids Group- was structured and then duly registered with UNIFEI’s CNPq and PRPPG. SG2 members have achieved a significant academic output, with the publication on topics related to smart grids of over 100 technical-scientific papers in the last three years.  Topics related to smart grids are also being addressed by the group’s teachers in the subjects:

ELE101 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Prof. Ph.D. Paulo Fernando Ribeiro
Workload: 48h

Nº of students enrolled in the 1st semester of 2017: 94 
Nº of students enrolled in the 1st semester of 2018: 102                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

ELE935 – Special Topics V – Smart Grids 
Prof. Ph.D. Paulo Fernando Ribeiro, Prof. Ph.D. Antônio Carlos Zambroni de Souza  and Prof. PhD. Benedito Bonatto
Nº of students enrolled in the 1st semester of 2017: 18
Nº of students enrolled in the 1st semester of 2018: 36
Nº of students enrolled in the 2nd semester of 2018: 33                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
EC332 – Smart Power Grids and Renewable  Integration 
Prof. Ph.D. Paulo Fernando Ribeiro
Workload:  45h
Nº of students enrolled in the 2nd semester of 2017: 17

Nº of students enrolled in the 2nd semester of 2018: 11

Since 2017, due to the partial support of CGLAB, practical classes were inserted in the educational activities of the mentioned courses, and these subjects have been taught using modern approaches to education through PBL – Project Based Learning (with an estimated 50% course load) and use of ICTs – Information and Communication Technologies.

Therefore, CGLAB’s support for the initial structuring of SMART GRIDS LABORATORY will certainly contribute to greater learning effectiveness, as well as stimulating the development of “entrepreneurial learning-by-doing skills” in the group’s students and researchers.

The availability of a new laboratory space for the aPTIs SG2 group at ISEE – Institute of Electrical Systems and Energy, enabled the beginning of the structuring of SMART GRIDS LABORATORY, to attend undergraduate and graduate courses for specific training (professional stage) .

Regarding the University Extension, aPTIs SG² will be coordinating the Specialization Course in Smart Electric Networks (CEREI_SG) with partial use of the Smart Grids Laboratory.

There are projects for structuring a Smart Grids Laboratory under the coordination of Prof. Benedito Donizeti Bonatto from aPTIs SG² from ISEE / UNIFEI




Name of article published in journauls Name of publishing magazine DOI (Link of publication)
RODRIGUES, YURI R. ; Zambroni de Souza, A.C. ; RIBEIRO, P.F. . An inclusive methodology for Plug-in electrical vehicle operation with G2V and V2G in smart microgrid environments. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS, v. 102, p. 312-323, 2018. International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems
SARMIENTO, JONATTAN E. ; CARRENO, EDGAR M. ; Zambroni de Souza, A.C. . Modeling inverters with volt-var functions in grid-connected mode and droop control method in islanded mode. ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH, v. 155, p. 265-273, 2018. Electric Power Systems Research
RÖNNBERG, SARAH K. ; BOLLEN, MATH H.J. ; AMARIS, HORTENSIA ; CHANG, GARY W. ; GU, IRENE Y.H. ; KOCEWIAK, ‘UKASZ H. ; Meyer, Jan ; OLOFSSON, MAGNUS ; RIBEIRO, PAULO F. ; DESMET, JAN . On waveform distortion in the frequency range of 2 kHz-150 kHz-Review and research challenges. ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH, v. 150, p. 1-10, 2017. Electric Power Systems Research
OLIVEIRA, D.Q. ; Zambroni de Souza, A.C. ; SANTOS, M.V. ; Almeida, A.B. ; Lopes, B.I.L. ; SAAVEDRA, O.R. . A fuzzy-based approach for microgrids islanded operation. ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH, v. 149, p. 178-189, 2017. Electric Power Systems Research
OLIVEIRA, TIAGO ; CARVALHO, PEDRO ; RIBEIRO, PAULO ; BONATTO, BENEDITO . PV Hosting Capacity Dependence on Harmonic Voltage Distortion in Low-Voltage Grids: Model Validation with Experimental Data. Energies, v. 11, p. 465, 2018. Energies




PhD  0
Doctorate degree 16
Master’s degree 10
Graduation – Term paper 11
Graduation – Scientific research 9




Articles in journals 62
Applicated patents 0
Doctoral Theses 11
Master’s Dissertation 26
Accomplished Scientific Research 11



Identifier Funding agency Value
APQ-01709-14 FAPEMIG R$ 19.184,65



Equipament’s name Short description Quantity Unitary value R$ (estimated)
MODULAR TEACHING KIT (renewable energy) Renewable Energy Kits, for didactic laboratory use 3  R$          11.820,00
MICROCOMPUTADOR MOD. MINI-DESKTOP DELL OPTIPLEX 3050 Microcomputer for miscellaneous activities 16  R$            3.101,76
LG TYPE II DISPLAY PC display 16  R$              611,88
DIGITAL MULTIMETER Measurement equipment of electrical units 10  R$              728,90
DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE Measurement equipment of miscellaneous units 4  R$            2.549,75
Arduino (Starter Kit) Basic platform for hardware electronics prototyping 8  R$              164,82
Arduino (Advanced Kit) Platform with advanced sensors for hardware electronics prototyping 2  R$              237,29
Digital Electronics Mounting Module Module for experiments and tests focused on digital electronics 1  R$              990,00
Basic Digital Electronics Teaching Module Basic module for experiments in digital electronics and electrical circuits 10  R$              345,00
Didactic Module with Protoboards and Variable Fonts Module with Protoboards and Variable Positive and Negative Sources for electrical and electronic circuits mounting 1  R$              650,00


Software Name Number of licenses Unitary value R$ (estimated)
Microtran Educational N Multiple-license 2 R$ 3.250,00
EMTP-RV Educational v 3.3 2 R$ 3.123,00
MATLAB R2017a Educational License 5 R$ 210,00



Approved by CGLab.