Advanced Power Technologies and Innovations in Systems and Smart Grids Group – aPTIs – Sg²

The Group of Studies, Teaching, Research and Extension in Advanced Power Technologies and Innovations in Systems and Smart Grids (aPTIs-SG2) has the following goals:

  • To develop advanced research on relevant topics in the context of Smart Grids, considering principles of integrality, interoperability and sustainability;
  • To develop advanced methodologies and technologies of computational analysis, modeling and simulation to represent the complexity of the phenomena inherent to intelligent electrical networks;
  • To provide specialized training on technical, human and professional skills to make electrical engineers capable of planning, analyzing and operating future electric networks.

The group’s main activity areas are:

  • Architecture and frameworks for the design / planning, operation and safety of intelligent electrical networks;
  • Tools for analyzing performance / performance of intelligent electrical networks (operation, stability, quality, transients, economy, regulation);
  • Sustainable integration of renewable energy sources, distributed generation and storage;
  • Measurement (smart metering), monitoring, communication systems, security and computational intelligence in the context of intelligent electrical networks;
  • Economic, regulatory and commercial modeling of the intelligent electric market considering the stakeholders;
  • Teaching, Research, Extension with training and development of skills in advanced topics of intelligent electrical networks;
  • Power electronics applied to high and medium voltage systems (transmission and distribution of electricity) and advanced equipment;
  • Philosophy of research, technological development and innovation processes.


Coordinator: Prof. Benedito Donizeti Bonatto, PhD
+55 35 98844-1784

Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Paulo Fernando Ribeiro
+55 35 98876-4806