Hydromechanical Laboratory for Small Hydropower Plants – LHPCH

LHPCH was the first turbines laboratory in Brazil, created in 1930 at Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI), and chosen by the Brazilian Government to host as the hydromechanical laboratory for small hydropower plants in 1983. Its main goals are qualifying and training professionals in technological support for turbines and equipment manufacturers for hydropower plants. LHPCH is attached to CERPCH, and operates in two independent areas:

  • LHDC – Didactic- Scientific Hydromechanical Laboratory;
  • LHEP – Hydromechanical Laboratory for Product Engineering.

Currently, LHPCH has an important role in training Brazilian professionals in the hydropower area, along with CTA-USP (University of São Paulo). The joint venture of both, under CERPCH’s management, enhances research, cooperates with model testing for turbo-machines generation industries and also improves the scope of LHPCH tests.


Prof. Oswaldo Honorato de Souza Júnior, PhD
+55 35 3629 1867