Group of Studies in Energy Conversion Technologies – GETEC

GETEC is registered under CNPq / MCT’s Research Groups Directory. The Group was created in August 2009, having since taking part on and coordinated several projects, of which we can highlight the projects funded by public research-funding organizations (CNPq, FAPEMIG, CAPES), private organizations (PETROBRAS, SIEMENS, VALE, BRENTECH), and R&D programs from ANEEL, CEMIG, PETROBRAS, among others. Despite its recent creation, from its inception GETEC had been strong on research projects, computer-simulation courses, training programs, labs, and national and international partnerships. The group counts on its members’ accumulated experience in the field of energy conversion technologies.

Such investments are paramount for the Group, for they allow us to carry out several experimental projects, including the construction of prototypes innovative energy systems.Among our experimental projects, we can highlight: biofuel use in gas turbines and reciprocating internal combustion engines, design and experimental tests of steam and gas turbines, study of combustion regimes: invisible flame; oxy-combustion and biofuels inflammability limits in the Aeronautical industry and aerothermodynamic studies design and performance of compressors and radial gas turbines, among others.


Prof. Christian Jeremi Rodriguez Coronado, PhD
+55 35 3629-1026