Center of Studies in Energy Quality and Electrical Protection – QMAP

The Center of Studies in Electric Power Quality and Protection – QMAP is part of the do Group of Studies in Electric Power Quality (GQEE), and handles issues in the areas of Electric Power Quality and Protection of Energy Systems, as well as Monitoring and Automation of Power Systems. QMAP’s team consists of research professors from GQEE and partner institutions, and UNIFEI undergraduate and graduate students.

GQEE was founded in 1995 in order to gather experts for the following tasks:

  • To conduct undergraduate and graduate classes in Eletric Power Quality (QEE) and related areas.
  • To advise Master’s and Doctoral students, in the areas of QEE and Electrical Protection.
  • Continuing education – further training courses and specialization courses
  • To work in Research & Development projects.

Throughout the years, GQEE has invested part of its time in an experimental studies center, which may integrate energy quality in an intelligent network operation based on its pillars: measurement, protection, supervision, automation and economic optimization.


Prof. Paulo Márcio da Silveira
+55 35 3629-1785

Letícia A. Gonçalves
Instituto de Sistemas Elétricos e Energia/ISEE
+55 35 3629-1897