Center of Reference in Information Technology – CRTi

CRTi was founded in 2001, by a group of professors who keep strong interaction in teaching, research and extesion activities, led by Prof. Luiz Edival de Souza. CRTi’s team has professional experience in industries and organizations in the Eletricity Sector, having developed several Research & Development Projects along with ANEEL and national organizations.

Due to the multidisciplinary aspect of the Automation and Information Technology areas, the group encourages the information and technology exchange with other areas within the University.

CRTI’s main goals are:

  • To apply concepts, knowledge, information technology and communication in the area of automation of systems and processes.
  • To keep up with constant updates in themes related to Automation and Industrial Informatics;
  • To develop applied and innovative research in the area of automation and information technologies;
  • To develop extension projects with industries and concessionaires in the Electricity sector;
  • To promote a better integration between organizations and UNIFEI, through research & development, specific training courses, lectures, visits, internships, among others.


Prof. Luiz Edival de Souza
+55 35 3629-1935  | +55 35 98848-6150