Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency – EXCEN

The Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (EXCEN)’s main purpose is to promote efficient energy use and combating waste in all sectors where energy is consumed. The center institutionalizes the activities carried out in the last decade by UNIFEI’s Energy Studies Group (GEE), mainly within the scope of the National Program of Conservation of Electric Energy (PROCEL).

Objectively, EXCEN seeks to develop methods and monitor their implementation in energy optimization studies along with energy consumers; to design, develop, build, test and disseminate advanced educational tools in energy efficiency, both in theoretical and practical levels. This is aimed at the learning of undergraduate and graduate students, technicians and engineers responsible for energy issues, public and electric sector professionals, technical school teachers and universities, among others, allowing them to effectively apply concepts of rational use of energy in their professional lives.

EXCEN’s team includes over a dozen professor, several researchers and students, who have been dedicated to energy issues and end use of energy for over 20 years, always in close relationship with economic and institutional agentes. Our team has achieved an outstanding series of results, both in terms of trained personnel and in methodologies developed and effectively implemented. EXCEN will reinforce these activities, increasing cooperation and institutional relations.


Coordinator: Prof. Edson da Costa Bortoni
+55 35 3629-1353

Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Roberto Akira Yamachita
+55 35 3629-1340

Secretary: Silvania Maria de Noronha Carneiro
+55 35 3629-1411