Aeronautics Technology Laboratory – ATL

ATL is part of UNIFEI’S Mechanical Engineering Institute. This laboratory is dedicated to supporting practical activities in undergraduate and graduate level, as well as research and development projects. ATL’s main activities areas are applied aerodynamics, aerospace structures, composite materials and flight mechanics. The lab’s total area is 770 sq.meters, and includes the following facilities:

  • An open circuit low turbulence wind tunnel, capable of 45 m/s wind speed maximum;
  • Three fixed based flight training devices (FTD);
  • A complete machinery set for design, production, testing and inspection of composite materials prototypes;
  • A 3D printer for prototypes construction;
  • Three piston engine airplanes in non-airworthiness conditions.


Prof. Antonio Carlos Ancelotti Junior, PhD
+55 35 3629-1022