Required Documentation for International Students


A student visa is necessary to enter Brazil. You can apply for a Student Visa at the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy in your home country. If accepted at UNIFEI, either in a mobility program or as a regular student, undergraduate or graduate, the student will receive an acceptance letter from either PRG or the Office of the Provost for Research and Graduate Studies (Pró-Reitoria de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação – PRPPG). You must take this letter with you when applying for a student visa.
Please note that a student visa does not allow the practice of paid activity of any kind during the student’s stay in Brazil. It is also not possible to change a tourist visa to a student visa.

Foreign Resident’s Identity Card (CRMN)

The CRMN is a foreign resident’s main document. To apply for a CRMN, the student must be registered at the Federal Police’s immigration office within 90 days of arrival in Brazil; otherwise, the student will be fined for each late day. This document can only be required in person, at the Federal Police Office closest to their place of university. Once registered, the CRMN (pictured) will be issued, identifying the student’s residency status and period of stay.

How to apply for a CRMN

Fill out the electronic form available under “Requerer Registro / Renovação” option. Then, click the SALVAR button and print the completed form.
Generate the Guia de Recolhimento da União (GRU), a document similar to a common bank slip
payable at any Bank or ATM, lottery shop or post office; make an appointment at the regional Federal Police office to submit the required documents in person.

Further information at:

Unifei can help you regularize your documentation at the
Federal Police. Here’s how

Itajubá Campus

  • The Federal Police office nearest to Itajubá is in Varginha, at the following address: Rua Humberto Pizzo, 999, Jardim Canaã Varginha – MG. Phone: (35) 3219.1442

Transportation to the Federal Police office in Varginha

Once a semester, Unifei usually offers an official vehicle, driver included, to take foreign students who need to regularize their situation in Brazil. To check transportation dates and availability, please contact the International Relations Office (SRI).
If a Unifei car isn’t available, you may take a bus.
Outbound trip – from Itajubá to Varginha: departs at 6:05 am and arrives at 10:10 am.
Return trip from Varginha to Itajubá: departs at 12:30pm and arrives at 4:10pm.
The round trip costs around R$ 100,00.
Further information: (in portuguese).
Itajubá Bus station – Expresso Gardênia (Gardenia Express buses): (35) 3623.4850.

Itabira Campus

  • The Federal Police office nearest to Itabira is in the state capital, Belo Horizonte, at the following address: Rua Francisco Deslandes, 900, Anchieta, Belo Horizonte – MG.
  • The office is within Anchieta Garden Mall, 3rd floor, room 301. Phone: (31) 2517.9900.

Hourly Saritur Express buses are available from Itabira to Belo Horizonte, 5am to 8pm Mondays to Fridays, and from Belo Horizonte to Itabira, 6am to 8pm. Time schedule information at
The trip takes around two hours, the round trip costing around R$ 80,00.
Itabira Bus station Saritur: (31) 3831.3379.

Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registration

A Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registration (Cadastro de Pessoa Física – CPF) for foreigners is the person’s registration in the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal). Each individual is assigned a unique number, unchangeable even if the card is lost.
A CPF number is required to open a bank account in Brazil.

If you need a CPF, just follow the instructions on this document: CPF instructions