In Itajubá


Foreign students usually choose to live in a student house (República Estudantil). A República is house or apartment shared by a small amount of students, usually from the same program or institution.
By choosing this housing option, the student gains independence, learns to live with different people and develops personal responsibility by executing in-house tasks and/or paying household expenses. Further advantages of living in a república include daily interaction with students from several different Brazilian areas, possibly developing great friendships, possibility of practicing the Portuguese language and learning more about the Brazilian culture.
Living expenses in a república will depend on the amount of students living a house. In a four-student house, for example, costs are usually around R$500,00.
Unifei can help you find a place to live. Please contact the International Relations Office, at, for further information.

In Itabira


Repúblicas are also a housing option for foreign students in Itabira. Living expenses usually cost around R$500 a month, depending on the amount of students in a house and other variables, such as individual rooms, food options, among others.
Other housing options include renting a room in a family house, hotel or inn, or renting a flat.
To find vacancies, the foreign student may contact members from the Student Representation (Representação Estudantil, RE), at the e-mail, or look for housing vacancies through the Roommatcher app, available on Google Play store.