Foreign professors hold activities at UNIFEI

December 18, 2017

The Universidade Federal de Itajubá – UNIFEI (Federal University of Itajubá) is currently promoting mini-courses, lectures, workshops, and other academic activities taught by foreign professors and aimed especially at professors and students of UNIFEI’s Graduate Programs, including both Master’s and Doctoral degree programs.

UNIFEI’s goal is to expand its exchange program to strengthen scientific partnerships between international professors/researches and UNIFEI’s Graduate professors/students, in the interest of furthering knowledge and preparing qualified human resources.

The “Support Program for Visiting Foreign Professors/Researchers (PVExt)”, CALL 01/2017, meets guidelines from the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior – CAPES), linked to the Ministry of Education (MEC). The program receives resources from UNIFEI as part of its internationalization plan, and is carried out by the Office of the Provost for Research and Graduate Studies (PRPPG) in partnership with UNIFEI’s International Relations Office (SRI).

UNIFEI’s Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Carlos Eduardo Sanches da Silva, states: “We are promoting the exchange between UNIFEI’s professors and research groups and foreign professors with hopes to encourage, besides experience and knowledge exchange, the publication of join papers in order to leverage research carried out at the university. This should bring us more visibility and increase the number of citations of UNIFEI’s papers in research results, placing the university higher in international rankings”.

For foreign professors, the Program meets their universities’ guidelines and brings mutual benefits, as pointed out by Prof. Manuel Garcia-Pérez, Ph.D., professor of Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University (WSU): “This action complies with United States and Washington State University synergy programs with other countries, allowing us to identify strengths and talents to contribute with global problem-solving. It creates the opportunity to check how to transfer technologies to one another, in the future.” Garcia-Pérez has met demands from UNIFEI’s Graduate Program in Energy Engineering, from November 21 to December 02, 2017.

UNIFEI’s students and professors have also reacted positively to this program, which brings several foreign experts to the university. “Nothing replaces direct contact with high-level professors. It is much more productive than just exchanging e-mails, for example. It expands relationships and includes more people in the University. This knowledge exchange is fundamental for us, especially to strengthen UNIFEI’s position among the best universities in the world”, commented Professor Electo Eduardo Silva Lora, Coordinator of UNIFEI’s Graduate Program in Energy Engineering.

Professor Garcia-Pérez lectures UNIFEI graduate students on “Paper Publishing”.


Six of UNIFEI’s Graduate Programs were contemplated by Call 01/2017. They are:

Graduate Program Visiting Professor International Institution Date
Development, Technologies and Society José Antonio Cadima Ribeiro Portugal – Universidade do Porto Nov 12 to 22
Computer Science and Technology Pradeep Kumar Gupta India – Jaypee University of Information Technology Nov 18 to 30
Science Education Pedro Guilherme Rocha Reis Portugal – Universidade de Lisboa Nov 19 to 25
Physics Lawrence Howard Ford EUA – Tufts University Nov 30 to 28
Energy Engineering Manuel Garcia Perez EUA – Washington State University Nov 21 to Dec 02
Electrical Engineering Kiruba Haran EUA – University of Illinois Dec 08 to 23


According to PRPPG and SRI, other programs of this nature should happen at UNIFEI, as part of the University’s internationalization plan. “We plan to carry out other actions and improve strategies to contemplate other postgraduate courses. We are happy to bring six highly qualified professors to contribute with professors and students of the Masters and Doctorate programs”, said Professor Maurílio Pereira Coutinho, Head of UNIFEI’s International Relations Office.

Professor Kiruba Haran (in blue), from the University of Illinois, along with Professor Edson Bortoni and members of the research team of UNIFEI’s Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering, visiting Excen.


Opening Photo: Professors Manuel Garcia-Pérez, Washington State University, and Electo Eduardo Silva Lora, Unifei.


Herika Nogueira
SRI Release