Physics (Licentiate Degree)


Forming competent Physics teachers.

Prepares professionals for teaching and research.


The Physics degree aims to prepare professionals dedicated to disseminating scientific knowledge in different social instances, either by acting in formal school education, or by looking for new forms of scientific education in non-school spaces. Upon the program’s conclusion, the professional will be able to teach in high school, under the terms of current legislation.

The Physicist must be a professional capable of efficiently approaching and solving scientific problems, always concerned with seeking new forms of scientific and technological knowledge, thus contributing to social well-being.

UNIFEI’s Physics program offers the student the opportunity to meet the most current market requirements, through the use and development of technological educational resources, in laboratories equipped with the latest in the field, and through other essential tools.

Furthermore, UNIFEI’s program also offers students differentials such as living in a non-formal education space and the possibility of working as a tutor in a Science Center, allowing students a broader vision of the Physics teacher acting field.

It also encourage student to participate in special projects, promoting contextualized learning and a work environment that is very different from traditional classrooms. In these special projects, students have the opportunity to get acquainted early on with diverse research areas, both in Physics and in Education.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. João Ricardo Neves da Silva
+55 35 3629-1799

Curricular Structure