Physics (Licentiate Degree – Distance Learning)

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Excellence education without space or time limits.

The program prepares future Physics teachers in Distance Learning mode.


The Undergraduate Program in Physics at UNIFEI, in its Distance Learning modality, allows students to become Physics teachers in Basic Education, as well as continuing their studies in a Graduate Program and therefore become professors in Superior Education.

The program is recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and offered in Distance Learning mode, lasting a total of eight semesters. Theoretical classes are taught in the Virtual Learning Environment, while laboratory classes and tests are taken at the in-person support centers at UNIFEI’s partner cities.

The program’s faculty consists of UNIFEI professors and a qualified team of both in-person and online tutors, at the students’ disposal. For being a Distance Learning program, the program allows its students to choose their classes’ date and time, making up a more flexible schedule.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Adhimar Flavio Oliveira
+ 55 35 3629-1888

Curricular Structure