Mathematics (Licentiate Degree)

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Become an excellent Mathematics teacher in Basic Education, job practically guaranteed.

Ample preparation, including theory and practice, allowing students to pursue academic careers.


UNIFEI’s Licentiate in Mathematics program prepares Mathematics teachers to act in Basic Education, from sixth to ninth grades, and in High School. Its also preapres students to pursue graduate program in areas such as Mathematic Education, Science and Mathematics Teaching, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Physics, enabling them to take jobs in Higher Education institutions.

The training it provides is based on knowledge about the cultural, social, political, and economic dimension of education, on children, youth and adults, as well as special education; communication and information technologies; general and professional culture and research processes. This allows the student to understand the social role of the school, its insertion in the community and the possibilities of intervention in the constant search for the exercise of citizenship.

The inter- and multidisciplinary character of Mathematics is explored in the exchange of this Science with several other areas in which UNIFEI also offers programs, in subject which may be chosen by the students. Several interdisciplinary extension projects are also offered, besides programs aimed at  scientific initiation (PIBIC and PIVIC), non-formal education (PET – Licentiate) and teaching initiation (PIBID).

UNIFEI’s program also stands out for getting the highest grade on ENADE 2014, and for being offered in an institution that also offers graduate programs in Mathematics and Science Teaching areas.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Fernando Pereira Micena
+55 35 3629-1835

Curricular Structure