Materials Engineering


Materials Engineering involves most technologies society depends on.

Materials engineers must be prepared for every technological challenge, as well as for changes in relationship structures and economical, social and work functions, caused by the constant technological development.


UNIFEI’s Materials Engineering program focuses, on its first semesters, on subjects related to Chemistry, Physics and Mathemathics.

The program’s knowledge field and professional acting area are related to research and development, production and application of materials with technological goals. As such, the Materials Engineering area is related to generating and applying knowledge that unites composition, structure and microstructure, as well as materials processing, its properties and applications, wich ecological conscience.

The interrelationships between composition and structure, structure and properties, and composition and properties, involve applied knowledge of the areas of Solid State Physics and Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry; Physics and Chemistry of Polymers; Metallurgy and Physical Ceramics that together form the Science of Materials.

On the other hand, all these relationships are intermediated by the parameters and processing costs (Metalurgical, Ceramic and Polymer Engineering areas) and product specifications imposed by the material’s applicated, establishing the engineering character of this area.

The Materials Engineer may also be responsible for managing quality control in organizations.



Itajubá and Itabira Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Gerson Avelino Fernandes
+55 35 3629-1032

Curricular Structure

Itabira Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Márcio Roberto de Freitas
+55 35 3629-1032

Curricular Structure