Hydraulic Engineering

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Guaranteeing Water for the future.

UNIFEI’s undergraduate program develops skills and abilities in the areas of hydraulic systems, hydromechanics, water information systems, and water systems management.


Hydraulic Engineering focuses on all water related technical subjects. It puts together traditional Civil Engineering skills (such as hydraulics and water resources), with other water fields, such as geography (Geographical Information Systems); geology (sediment production and transportation, and underground water), mechanical engineering (hydromechanics), sanitation (water treatment and distribution, sewage), environmental studies (limnology, water quality), and agricultural engineering (irrigation, drainage), among others.

The program also incorporates hydrology, hydraulics, hydromechanics, spatial planning, and economics, aiming to solve challenges of exploration and rational use of natural water resources to meet society’s needs.

The job market for the Hydraulic Engineer is wide and diversified; this engineer can work in all economic sectors, particularly in hydro intensive processes.  The professional must have diagnostic and planning skills, and, based on this, be able to select the right technical and economical solution, taking environmental aspects into account.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Nivea Adriana Dias Pons
+ 55 35 3629-1484

Curricular Structure