Health and Safety Engineering


Ongoing management of work risks and hazards.

The program develops technical and managerial skills to address the health and safety issues of modern society.


UNIFEI’s Health and Safety Engineering offers a solid professional and area-specific foundation, emphasizing on the practical aspect through laboratories and activities in the real professional context. Its goal is to generate, preserve and disseminate knowledge, prepare qualified citizens and professionals, and contribute to national development, seeking to improve the quality of life.

The program also aims enable its professionals to plan and execute modern engineering techniques for risk control, in order to meet the demands of a wide variety of processes. The professional will be able to carry out research, develop, produce, and transfer knowledge in the Health and Safety Engineering area, focusing on improving product quality and/or productivity, better quality of life, and satisfaction.

The Health and Safety Engineering program adds to UNIFEI’s purpose of an innovative and technological university, with teaching and research focused on current and future market demands, also encouraging entrepreneurship through small businesses incubation and committed to development.



Itabira Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Raoni Rocha Simões
+55 31 3839-0886

Curricular Structure