Energy Engineering

wind turbines

An engineer capable of developing new strategies and routes in the production of energy resources.

The program is dedicated to developing scientific and technical knowledge directed to the studies of new energy sources.


UNIFEI’s Energy Engineering program prepares its students a solid background on mathematics, physics, electricity, mechanics, environment and technology-related areas.

The program encourages students to develop, among others, personal skills such as initiative, creativity, responsibility, teamwork (participation and cooperation), discipline, ethics and self-learning.

Energy Engineering students will be able to supervise, elaborate and coordinate thermal and mechanical systems projects techniques; execute and supervise mechanical, thermodynamic and electromechanical installations, and thermal, nuclear and hydraulic power generation and conservation projects; carry out economic feasibility studies, advice and consultancy, surveys, reports and expertise, as well as dedicating themselves to teaching and research; develop and execute projects on generation and efficient use of diverse energy resources; develop and apply methods and techniques for evaluation, exploration, commercialization and use of energy resources; and develop methods and techniques for carrying out energy inventories and audits.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Lucilene de Oliveira Rodrigues
+ 55 35 3629-1040

Curricular Structure