Civil Engineering

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Sustainable buildings.

The program focuses on extensive preparation, contact with reality and constant improvement.


The Civil Engineer is the professional responsible for managing all stages of a construction, both in the public in private sector, including small and large buildings, bridges, dams, port structures, roads, airports, water, and sewage systems, ensuring quality, safety, functionality and the economy of the execution. This professional has a wide qualification, being able to act in the most varied areas. Civil Engineering programs are fundamental for national and regional development.

At UNIFEI, the program’s curriculum follows the National Curricular Guidelines, which uses several methodologies for the learning process. The teaching laboratories have workstations for practical classes, including research and monitoring activities, and have technicians responsible for equipment and software installation and maintenance.

Built upon UNIFEI’s solid foundation and tradition on Engineering, the Civil Engineering program presents itself as a key piece of regional and national development.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Adinele Gomes Guimarães
+ 55 35 3629-1448

Curricular Structure