Chemical Engineering

a backer contenting a transparent liquid another contenting red liquid

Contributing to the various branches of science and technology in the development of processes and products.

A program that aims to prepare versatile professionals, able to perform in different industry segments.


UNIFEI’s Chemical Engineering program is multidisciplinary, involving several areas. In the first years, the student is in contact with subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. Starting in the third year, the concepts learned in the first years are applied to specific and professional subjects, which enable students to describe, understand, analyze, and perform calculations in industrial equipment, processes and operations. Experimental classes are part of the course, aiming to contribute to the solid training of the Chemical Engineer.

With the advent of computing, recent advances in biotechnology and the current environmental concerns, subjects related to computer science, biochemical processes and environmental management have been incorporated to the program’s curriculum.

The program’s experimental and theoretical foundation allows students to contribute with expressive information in the science and technology areas and to collaborate with humanity’s daily activities. UNIFEI’s Chemical Engineer becomes a versatile professional, with solid theoretical and practical knowledge, committed to respond to everyday yearnings.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Márcia Regina Baldissera Rodrigues
+55 35 3629-1712

Curricular Structure