Bioprocess Engineering

Making microorganisms and biomolecules work for humans in industrial scale.

The program’s main objective is the use of microbiological and biochemical entities in industrial scale.


A bioprocess is any technological process involving biological entities, such as microorganisms, and molecules related to these entities, such as enzymes and metabolites. Bioprocess Engineering aims to implement those biochemical processes in industrial scale, using Engineering skills and tools.

The Bioprocess Engineering student studies the disciplines in the basic Engineering curriculum, acquiring specific knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and microbiology.

This multidisciplinary training, intrinsic to UNIFEI’s Bioprocess Engineering program, encourages students’ innovative vision and the improvement of large-scale products and processes, which use biological and biochemical agents (microorganisms and biomolecules) as key elements. Such processes seek the efficient and safe conversion of basic raw material into pharmaceuticals, food, fertilizers, beverages and fuels.

Due to its interdisciplinary program, UNIFEI’s Bioprocess Engineering students may work in different segments that use biological entities at some stage, among which we can highlight: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, environmental, biological treatment of industrial residue, pollution levels control, and chemical and biofuel industries.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Guilherme Youssef Rodriguez
+ 55 35 3629-1944

Curricular Structure