Biological Sciences (Licentiate Degree)

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Developing highly skilled biology teachers.

A biologist studies and conducts research on the origin, evolution, structure and functioning of all life forms.


UNIFEI’s Licentiate Program in Biological Sciences has as its main focus  the full exercise of Science teaching in Primary Education, Biology teaching in High School as well as in Higher Education, and in teaching activities in formal and informal education.

The program provides its students an ample formation articulated with the current societal issues, making them able to meet their needs with quality and competence, seeking to improve the teaching and learning process.

Students are encouraged to develop specific skills to act critically and reflexively in Primary Education or to pursue Graduate programs, enabling them to develop the skills needed for a research professor.

The current curricular organization has a total of 3,208 hours, distributed over 8 academic periods, with duration of 4 years minimum. The sequence of the curriculum articulates the contents of a technical-scientific nature with those of a pedagogical nature, promoting a unifying and necessary approach for the teacher-biologist training.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Simone Policena Rosa
+ 55 35 3629-1801

Curricular Structure