Industrial Engineering

Promoting excellence in the productive process of goods and services.

Preparing M.Scs. in Industrial Engineering able to develop technical-scientific activities in the organizational context.


The Professional Master’s Degree Program in Industrial Engineering Program at UNIFEI is in line with organizational demands in the technological context as an effective way of promoting applied research excellence in all levels, contributing to organizational development. The program is committed to developing Professional Masters able to develop technical-scientific applied activities. Is also seeks to address the areas directly linked to the workplace and to the productive system, as well as to boost inside potential in generating, spreading and applying scientific knowledge on the productive process of organizational goods and services.

Concentration Areas | Research Lines

Modeling, Optimization and Control: Development and application of modeling, control and optimization methods, focused on improving quality and productivity of mechanical manufacturing (welding, machining, cutting and automation), as well as aspects related to dimensional metrology.

Quality and Products: This line researches means of developing, improving and establishing models for quality management, with emphasis on continuous improvement and on standard management systems. Project management and product development.

Production Systems and Logistics: This line focuses on computational modeling tools, aiming for excellence in productive systems, involving logistic aspects and quantitative methods. Reference models for managing productive knowledge are also developed and applied.



Itabira Campus
Assistant Coordinator: Prof. Emerson José de Paiva
+55 31 3830-0851