Hydraulic Engineering

Projects, implementation, operation, technical and economic feasibility of power plants and water systems management.

Applies knowledge, according to companies’ demands, to promote innovation and technological input through students who work in the area’s problem-solving.


UNIFEI’s Professional Master’s Degree Program in Hydraulic Engineering intends to develop different areas related to the study, design, implementation, operation and technical and economic feasibility of hydroelectric power plants and water systems management: sizing; technical, economic, energy and environmental feasibility studies; regulation; implantation; economic and environmental analysis; among others. For being a Professional Master’s Degree program, the projects developed by the students must come from the companies / industries where they work at.

It promotes experience exchange between the academic and industrial sectors, involving faculty and students of the University and industry professionals.

The Program emphasizes studies, projects, implementation, operation and commissioning of new power plants, focusing on the implementation of new centrals, equipped with technology for low-head power plants, besides optimization and performance improvement of already-operating plants.

Concentration Areas | Research Lines

Hydropower Generation
Projects, Planning and Operation
Operation and Maintainance

Water Systems Management



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Marcia Viana Lisboa Martins
+55 35 3629-1479

Curricular Structure