Science Education

Producing knowledge in the Science Education area.

This program helps enhance the quality of science education in all educational levels.


UNIFEI’s Master’s Degree in Science Education aims to train teachers and others educators  who may contribute with the production of knowledge in the Science Education field. This course offers students opportunities to pursue a wide range of research and professional interests in the field of Science Education.

The program is ideal for those seeking to make a research with themes like: learning and teaching at the elementary, secondary, and others levels of education; teaching and learning in differents levels of education; information and communications technology in the  educational context; Curriculum; educacional tools; Philosophy and History of Science; Environmental Educacion; Museums of Science and others forms of Scientific Divulgation.

The program’s philosophy is that theory and practice are inextricably linked and work hand in hand to improve the quality of education. Furthermore, in this Master´s Program the educators are trained to use Information and communications technology in their educational context. Finally, we emphasize that the program is committed with the construction of a more just and sustainable society.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Fernandes Silva
+55 35 3629-1911

Curricular Structure