Environment and Water Resources

Multidisciplinary research related to Environment, Water Resources, Climate and Sustainability.

Construction of knowledge and training of professionals who contribute to better management of natural resources, verification and mitigation of climate impact factors and also develop improvements for quality of life and environment.


UNIFEI’s Master’s Degree Program in Environment and Water Resources’ faculty consists of research professors who work in several knowledge areas, such as Atmospheric Sciences, Biological Sciences, Agronomy, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Forest Engineering, Public Health, Water Resources, and Ecology.

The program aims to prepare students with the basic skills to generate and disseminate knowledge in the areas of climate, environment and water resources, as well as to contribute with sustainable development. It is intended for graduates in different areas such as engineering, atmospheric sciences, environmental, exact and biological sciences, and related areas.

Concentration Areas | Research Lines

Climate and Sustainability – aims to train professionals and researchers who develop papers, methodologies and research that contribute to society’s mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

Environment and Water Resources – Is aimed at training professionals as control agents and managers of environment-degrading activities in their area of influence, seeking environmental sustainability.



Itajubá Campus
Program Coordinator: Prof. Daniela Rocha Teixeira Riondet-Costa

Curricular Structure