Computer Science and Technology

This Program prepares qualified professionals for research and teaching in the Computing area.

Solid professional training for developing qualified research and teaching in the Computing area.


UNIFEI’s Graduate Program Computer Science and Technology has as its main goal to prepare qualified individuals with a solid knowledge base, enabling them to carry out research and teaching activities within the Computing area.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate shall be able to join any national or international doctorate program in the Computing area, and to act in the job market with competence and responsibility, characteristics of the title granted.

The programs also aims to develop qualified research and, therefore, aims to contribute to the scientific and technological development of the country.

UNIFEI’s program counts on a cohesive faculty, which is constantly striving for excellence and for quality in teaching and research.



Itajubá and Itabira Campuses
Program Coordinator: Prof. Adler Diniz de Souza
+55 35 3629-1828 

Curricular Structure