Materials for Engineering

Knowledge in Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy and Biology are applied to develop new materials.

A specialist in knowledge generation and application to relate materials’ composition, structure and processing to their properties and applications.


UNIFEI’s Graduate Program in Materials for Engineering prepares qualified professionals to tackle the challenges imposed by 21st century technologies. Its multidisciplinary approach, with professor who develop research in the Materials Engineering area, involving knowledge in Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy and Biology, allows the development of new materials to meet science and technology demands in universities, as well as the ever-evolving labor market demands.

The program’s main goals are preparing people to meet the demand for qualified professionals to work both in industries and Research and Development centers, either public or private; and to work as university professors, especially in the Materials Engineering area; also interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity as means to preparing those professionals to work with scientific problems in diverse knowledge areas, in order to produce new knowledge. Engineering Materials is an interdisciplinary area by definition; however, in our program, we explore this characteristic to the extreme. The program also aims to develop research, in such areas as and characterization of metallic, ceramic, and polymeric materials, as well as semiconductor composites and insulators, with applications such as in sensors, devices, actuators and biomaterials.

Concentration Areas | Research Lines

Metallic Alloys

Computer Modeling
Polymers and Ceramics
Semiconductors and Insulators



Itajubá and Itabira Campuses
Program Coordinator: Prof. Antônio José Faria Bombard
+55 35 3629-1852

Curricular Structure